BLDE Association


BLDEA or Bijapur Liberal District Education Association was established in Vijayapura, India, in 1910. The association presently runs more than 70 institutions under its umbrella covering a wide gamut of education disciplines. BLDE Association is the parent body of BLDE University, which has a medical college as its constituent college.

The association was formed by Dr. P. G. Halakatti, noted philanthropist and a former member of Bombay Legislature. Dr. P. G. Halakatti, for his tireless efforts towards preservation, restoration and dissemination of Vachana literature, earned the epithet of Vachana Pitamaha (The father of Vachanas).

Sri Banthanala Shivayogi made immense contribution to the sustenance of the association by patronizing it during the middle part of the 20th century.

In the post independence India, the legacy and vision of BLDEA was further carried by Dr. B. M. Patil, an educationist and statesman. Dr. B. M. Patil had been a minister twice in the Karnataka government. When he was at the helm of BLDEA, he expanded the educational activities of the association in a major way.

Currently BLDEA is helmed by Dr. M. B. Patil, son of Dr. B. M. Patil. He is also serving as the president of BLDE University and as Minister of Irrigation and Vijayapura District In-charge Minister in the incumbent Government. He is a 4th time MLA and a former Member of Parliament.